I consider myself an expressionist, blending figuration with abstraction, painting directly from the subconscious. Utilising symbols, dreams, myths, and memories, my work is transformative and reflects my life experiences. Guided by my imagination and intuition, it's my intention to keep my current work expressive, colourful, and aesthetically simplistic.  


My work explores Carl Jung's theory of individuation. Jung defined individuation as the therapeutic goal of analytical psychology, the process by which a person becomes a psychological individual. He identified this process with becoming one's true self. To realise one's true self, Jung believed that rather than repressing our shadow self, which is seen mostly as negative, we should integrate it, and allow it to surface and coexist with the ego. I welcome this integration into my work. It has been and still is my goal to become a better version of myself. By directly painting this process of individuation, I am being honest with myself, confronting past traumas, and allowing the healing process to begin. I am essentially using my art as self-therapy.​